I realize I haven't been here (LJ) in months as I've been mostly been trucking along on my PhD morning, noon and night. However, I finished a Star Wars knit and wanted to post it for the Star Wars knitters.

It's knitted combination of Admiral Ackbar and the classic Sock Monkey. An Admiral Ackbar Sock Monkey, if you will.

I hate to be the one to have to tell you, but your cruisers can't repel cuteness of this magnitude:

More pictures at my etsy shop

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Whilst watching RotJ last night, I inadvertently referred to Jabba as Jabba the Fett:

DT: That'd be hilarious. Can you imagine that? Jabba wearing a jetpack?
Me: And when he fires it up it lifts him so he hovers like, maybe, 3 inches of the ground and moves across the room very extremely slowly
DT: It would be the Rascal of jetpacks.

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"We're not the best people..."

"...but we're not the worst."

"No, grad students are the worst."

Everyone should seriously watch 30 Rock, because it is so very very funny and Tina Fey is so very very Tina Fey. Thursdays 9:30/8:30.


What has two thumbs, speaks limited French,* and passed her quals??


*I am quoting the awesome Miss Tina Fey, whom I adore like the genius she is. My French is actually fluent...