NoriNoriNori (carbon_scoring) wrote,

The Jundland Wastes are not to be travelled cutely.

I met _opus_ and bearly_here during Star Wars: Musical Edition '03 when he was Ben Kenobi and we've always shared some gleeful Star Wars geeking out. So, when I heard they were naming their new baby Ben... what follows became more or less inevitable:

BABY BEN! (with a 2L coke bottle for scale to show it's baby-sized smallness):

Costume on the hanger

For the costumers who might be interested, the individual components are:
The first layer (taking the place of the brown turtleneck on Old Ben) is a brown 100% cotton onesie that I RIT dyed, then embroidered "Young Ben" on the breast pocket region (so he won't be confused with Old Ben):

Over that, a beige nubbly onasburg cotton tunic, complete with itty bitty tabbard:

...and itty bitty Jedi obi (so bitty!)

And of course, the iconic baby hooded Jedi robe, made from chocolate brown linen (all the fabrics used are 100% natural fibers because the outfit is intended for baby wear):

I also knit a tiny little stuffed blue lightsaber to complete the ensemble. The handle is a mix of different black and silver metallic yarn scraps from the stash and the blade is an electric blue boucle with metallic thread in there for some sparkle, all very tightly knit. Two little metallic pom-poms (sewed on super tightly) make buttons. Pictures of KnitSaber:

All folded up and ready to go:

Opened at the shower:
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