It's officially autumn

This morning I got the October Living and now I see that the new Knitty is out. I can't wait to peruse them both at my leisure this evening.

Also, the line apparently jumped and there are now only 183 people in front of me. Literally any day now. I am all a-tremble.

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Why can't I keep better records? That's why I have this journal. I laid the yarn out for my sister's Fun Fur throw and though I am certain I measured a fleece throw of the appropriate size while I was home so I'd have some dimensions to work from, I don't seem to have written it down anywhere. Argh.

Pictures of the yarnunder the cutCollapse )

The colors are actually brighter than the picture makes them look. I need to wind those skeins of wool. Since two balls of Fun Fur yield a block that is about 18" by 14", if my math is correct I can knit an 11"x11" square from one skein (18"x7" = 126 inches squared, square root of 126 = ~11.2).

I have also finished the first Hamlet sock and I'm not 100% sure I can recreate the pattern sans notes...I will have to ballpark it. I really must learn to write patterns down as I'm making them up.

I had been taking a hiatus from my own Fun Fur afghan, but I picked it up last night during Iron Chef. I finished the magenta block, and knit on the blue one that I worked on during the Simpsons Movie. Including the blue one, I have 11 blocks navy, peacock, turquoise, white, kelly green, yellow, olive, pink, blue, champagne and glacier. However, I also picked up some clearance Fun Fur in NOLA to add to the pile (hard to believe there were colors I didn't have). I have 2 or 3 more colors to possibly add.

I'm up to row 38 of green neon hat #4 (6 rows away from decreases, for those of you playing at home), I had a foray into Fair Isle that I'm not at liberty to discuss and I booked our Nutcracker tickets.

Log Cabin Throw

Yay! Camera cord! My lovely sister mailed me an extra camera cord (and chocolates and a card...I love my sister), so I can post a finished pictures of the cotton garterstitch log cabin throw I knit for my mama:

She saw it whilst flipping though my copy of Mason Dixon Knitting the last time she was up here and admired it for it's cheerful colorfull-ness (she also admired the baby Moses basket, but that'll have to wait). I had a reasonable stash of bright cotton (mostly Sugar and Cream and a little Lionbrand) for knitting dishcloths (I love the dishcloth cheap and durable). Plus I kept finding stuff in knitting blogs that knitters had made from cheap cotton that came out gorgeous, so I wanted to take a run at it. Cotton was great for this because it comes in so many colors and though it has a nice weight and drape it isn't too overly warm (a must for New Orleans). I filled out my cotton stash with a little more Peaches & Cream cotton (from their website, and knit away, more or less following the instructions in the book for "Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors" (p. 70).

It still needs a few stripes and a nice border, but it'll have to wait until I go home in December. Fast, cheap and very relaxing to knit.

Other Log Cabins:
* - I like the use of mirroring pastels
* - knit entirely from the knitters own handspun, hand-dyed merino...*melts*
* - I like the mix of varigated and solid yarns (I found that one via The Log Cabin KAL)

I have plenty leftover cotton, I'd like to knit a patchwork afghan like a more traditional quilted log cabin blanket. Each square would be a log cabin, but you'd piece several of them together, like one of these: (scroll down). There are some examples of that style in the book as well, I believe.

528 people in front of me for Ravelry. Soooooon.

Couple of things...

I do have some pictures to post and my camera cable should be finding it's way back to me soon *fingers crossed*, but since I've entered X/mas/Birthday knitting time, a lot of what I'm knitting has to be kept secret so my posting might be sparse.

I am working on my fourth neon green ski cap (I know, I took a pretty lengthy break). I'm on I think the 27th row of 44 before decreases.

I am in triple digits in the Ravelry waiting list, which is wildly exciting for me. Only 724 people in front of me (DT still has like 13,000 people in front of him).

Also, I am ready to see this pretty much right now.

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I haven't posted in a while because I was home in NOLA and have been busy with grad school stuff.

I arrive back with something I absolutely want to post....but cannot lay hands on the cable that connects my camera to my computer. Argh.

Also argh: the Yarn Harlot will be in NOLA whilst I am not :(


At the event, everyone was knitting (and wearing) such knit prettiness with such lovely yarn, it was hard to resist asking everyone to identify their yarn or pattern. One lady was wearing this really cute shawl with a pattern we all four of us dug. The kicker was how small it was (we've been having trouble finding shawl patterns with reasonable wingspans for DT's mom who is not a tall lady). I couldn't resist asking her what pattern she'd used.

So I chased her around after the talk/before the lines formed (seriously...every time I got close, she moved just beyond my polite tapping her on the shoulder reach). Finally, I caught up to her, complimented her lovely shawl and got enough info to be able to look the shawl up.

Both because _opus_ seemed interested in the shawl and because I want to save the links and specs, I'm posting the info here:

The shawl in question is the Hyrna Herborgar shawl from Three-Cornered and Long Shawls by Sigrídur Halldórsdóttir. Schoolhouse Press carries said book, but it is quite pricey.

"Cupcake, it never left...I have stash older than you."

Thursday night DT and I took the bus out to the Burlington Borders to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee a.k.a. the Yarn Harlot speak and sign books. I have a picture or two from the event, but haven't uploaded them into my LJ scrapbook yet so I'll have to post them later.

We met up with _opus_ and bearly_here and generally had a fantastic time. I was so glad we went. Stephanie was a wonderful speaker and just as funny as I'd heard (the above quote being her threatened response to the next perky young reporter who asks her why she thinks knitting is "back"). Anyone who knits but doesn't read the Yarn Harlot's blog and her books really should. Her writing is so sweet and funny and brilliant.

As an added bonus, we got to spend time with _opus_ and bearly_here, which is always great fun. Most memorably, _opus_ and I had a brief revival of "You Knit WHAT?!" in the Borders knitting magazines section that was both terrifying and hilarious.

I didn't think I should bring all four books, so I picked out Casts Off (the newest one) and Confessions of a Yarn Harlot (my favorite one) to be signed. I talked/tricked DT into bringing his first pair of socks to show her and she's since put a picture of him with them up on her blog. I'm mighty proud. And if you read through the comments, it seems he's getting quite the fan following...

Quick Fun Fur Afghan update...

Finished the orchid striped cello block, and finished a block of Fun Fur Prints "tropical" with Malabrigo in "Hollyhock" (17 out of 30 down).

I cast on the next two (I like to have an extra one ready when I go to the movies in case I finish in the dark and can't cast on a new one). I'm actively knitting a powder blue square of Malabrigo in "Blue Surf" and Patons Cha-Cha (not Lionbrand) which is inexplicably named "Martini." Both have weird titles, but both are lovely powder blue. The reserve block is Berroco Zap (two non-Lionbrands in a row) in bright blue with Malabrigo "Continental."

The remaining 11 after those = navy, peacock, turquoise, white, kelly green, yellow, olive, pink, fuscia, champagne and glacier.

In the kitty-asleep-pictures you can see both my Greeblie's sweet face, you can also see the last couple of blocks (orchid stripes, bergamota and mango & baby duck yellow...maybe even indigo): Pics under cutCollapse )

Must cast on 4th neon hat...

The Portland Trip

Last week I went to Portland, Oregon to meet a collaborator and see their lab, which was such a wonderful experience and very exciting. Work kept me pretty occupied, but I also got a little time to myself to explore Portland a bit.

Lengthy write-up and pictures under the cutCollapse )